Who can join?

This BYU CTF Challenge is open to anyone that falls under these categories in the State of Utah. Middle School: Grades 6-8, Junior High: Grades 9-10, High School: Grades 11-12, and K-12 Educators. We are also open to students and educators from private schools, as well as homeschooling programs within the State of Utah.

What will disqualify you?

What can you receive?

When the competition officially ends on the 15th of December 2023. All the scores will be added up and there will be a winner for every grade level and a winner for the Educators as well. Each winner will be prized with their very own unique trophy.

How to Submit flags?

Each individual will be required to submit their flags in the specific text box right next to the submit button. When you submit your answer, it will let you know if you answered correctly or incorrectly. Don’t worry if you answered incorrectly, you will get unlimited tries up until the challenge ends and you won’t be able to submit anymore. Also, keep in mind to not forget to always format your answers correctly using this; byukg24{} . Let us know if you have any questions!

How to contact us?

email us at

Can you use AI?

Yes, AI can be used in finding the flags, but again no sharing flags with others.

How are points calculated?

If you complete a flag that is how you stack up points. Throughout the time the challenge is running you will most likely see your points change. This is because the points are calculated by how easy the flags are. So if many users complete a certain flag the amount of points you had goes down.

Is Hint Harvesting allowed?

What is hint-harvesting? Hint harvesting is the practice of finding alternate methods (such creating alias accounts) to obtain clues in order to maintain your point total and go up the scoreboard. This is another form of cheating and is not permitted. This is CHEATING!